Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Louisiana

Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Louisiana

Title IX: Protecting Students Against Discrimination

Schools that receive federal education funds are required to enforce several federal laws related to discrimination. One of these laws is Title IX, which prohibits sexual discrimination. In colleges and universities, this often includes sexual harassment or assault allegations. The procedures involve gathering evidence, issuing findings, and imposing disciplinary measures when necessary. However, accused parties sometimes feel that investigations lack transparency and fairness. If you’re facing penalties and sanctions in Title IX cases, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) can assist you by conducting an independent third-party investigation after filing a complaint. Retaining the services of an attorney who specializes in student discipline defense can significantly increase your chances of success.

Title IX Investigation at Tulane University

The U.S. Department of Education is investigating allegations of financial discrimination against male students at Tulane University based on scholarships like the Landor Lewis and Shirley Gauff Awards. The results of the OCR’s review are expected later this year.

Title IX Violations in Louisiana

Title 34 in The Code of Federal Regulations governs education matters and contains detailed guidelines for Title IX and other civil rights laws such as:
– Title VI: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 regarding race, color, and national origin-based discrimination
– Section 504: The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 regarding disability-based discrimination
– Title II: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
– Age Discrimination Act of 1975

School Investigation & Appeals Process

Whenever an accusation is levied against a party in a school setting, designated staff will conduct a full-scale investigation to determine whether it holds up to scrutiny based on available findings within said investigation. If violations are found to have occurred these will be scheduled alongside appeal rulings according to institutional rules/regulations/ best practices afforded by law. Where subsequent rulings or appeals do not favorably exonerate the defendant institution may then set out to impose sanctions and penalties.

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OCR Complaint Considerations

Initiating an OCR complaint process typically requires the assistance of a highly-skilled attorney who can draft a letter that will catch the attention of the OCR. This includes being able to outline sufficient cause and make clear points as regards legal mandate/authority. It is important to note that OCR complaints have a limitation period which may necessitate waiver applications, for which you need to have further justification.

Attorney Defends Students in Title IX Violations in Louisiana

Students at institutions of higher learning found culpable after preliminary fact-finding exercises will typically face disciplinary measures/sanctions as per established college/university protocol/criteria. If a subsequent appeal overturns prior findings, a window exists during which appeals for favorable outcomes on your case may be entertained. Todd Spodek is an experienced trial attorney with specific expertise in Title IX cases who has represented students through multiple challenging situations in various education institutions. Todd Spodek gives clients high priority and fights compassionately for their futures while refusing to settle on easy options. He is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice where necessary when representing clients nationwide, having assisted numerous individuals seeking recourse with the DOE-OCR over the years by drafting letters of sufficient validity and depth-of-analysis and advising Title IX-afflicted persons around Louisiana-area schools like:
– Acadiana Technical College Lafayette Campus
– Baton Rouge College
– Baton Rouge Community College
– Blue Cliff College Alexandria
– Blue Cliff College Houma
– Blue Cliff College Metairie
and so many others.
Acting fast when faced with Title IX cases significantly increases your chances of success: reach out to National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today to protect your interests or those of someone you know or care about..

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