Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Washington D.C.

Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Washington D.C.

Protecting Your Rights: Filing OCR Complaints in Washington D.C.

Students who are facing disciplinary action for allegations of sexual misconduct or a Title IX violation in colleges and universities located in Washington D.C. often find that the investigation and hearing process is biased against them. If you believe that your due process rights have been denied, filing a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), a powerful government agency, will help protect your rights guaranteed by federal law. Todd Spodek, an experienced Title IX and OCR attorney, can assist you in formulating an effective complaint tailored to your particular circumstances.

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights

The Office for Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing federal laws that safeguard students’ rights in higher education institutions in the United States. One of these rights is fair treatment during disciplinary proceedings. For the OCR to become involved with your case, you must file an OCR complaint within 180 days of the alleged violation.

Investigating Alleged Violations

After receiving a complaint, if the OCR decides that it has jurisdiction to investigate it they will send agents to review documents and conduct interviews at your school to determine whether your rights have been violated. The scope of this investigation is restricted by your complaint; consequently, submitting an inadequate complaint can result in the limited investigation instead of a complete one.

If the investigators establish that there was indeed a violation, they might then initiate mediation between both parties. Your institution may feel compelled to attend due to the risk of administrative sanctions if they fail to participate.

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No Retaliation During Investigation

Throughout the investigation conducted by OCR, any act of retaliation or intimidation by your institution against you is prohibited and could be subject to another OCR investigation if reported.

Facilitated Resolution Settlement Process

Typically many OCR cases do not escalate into lawsuits because when schools discover that an investigation by OCR has been initiated into their conduct they usually try hard hastily to resolve the case. The OCR allows for the settlement process of facilitated resolution between parties to permit this to occur.

Facilitated Resolution entails negotiating a mutually beneficial conclusion to your disciplinary action by your institution, as well as finding an agreement that accords redress for any violations against you. Although the OCR does not oversee or monitor the settlement process, alleging any violation of the agreement afterward would prompt another investigation by OCR.

OCR Complaints Filed Effectively with Spodeks Help

Todd Spodek is a student discipline defense and Title IX lawyer who has helped numerous students effectively file an OCR complaint when their rights are violated while studying in colleges located in Washington D.C. You can contact him anytime online or by phone at 212-300-5196 to engage his services in safeguarding your future.

Washington D.C.s Colleges and Universities

The following are some schools located in Washington D.C. where Todd Spodek can assist you or your ward in filing a complaint with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights due to Title IX violations:

• Trinity Washington University
• American University
• Catholic University of America
• Corcoran College of Art and Design
• University of Phoenix – Washington DC Campus
• Gallaudet University
• George Washington University
• Howard University
• Potomac College Washington
• University of the District of Columbia

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Why you need an experienced OCR Lawyer?

Sadly, many parents and students don’t realize until it is too late that allegations bordering on sexual misconduct could be disastrous academically and professionally both in short and long-term ramifications. However, with these cases able to be won at school-level with proper handling, engaging the help of an expert like Todd Spodek goes a long way towards securing victory.

Years fighting passionately for his clients’ futures’ cause makes him one attorney never willing to settle for anything less than what his clients need and deserve. With his law license for Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Spodek helps students in Washington, D.C., file complaints with the DOE-OCR Title IX, is admitted as a pro hoc vice attorney in both state and federal courts when representing clients nationwide, and provides valuable Title IX advising to those facing disciplinary cases throughout the nation.

The earlier you engage Todd Spodeks services, the more your future is assured regarding protection of your interests or those of your ward!

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