Top Benefits Of Using Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays can be an excellent way to get your services and products displayed at marketing events. You don’t have to purchase an exhibit to be able to market at events anymore. Most trade shows offer the ability to rent trade show displays. There are several benefits for event marketers to use trade show displays that can work well for helping the bottom line of any business. Below are some of the top benefits that marketers can gain from renting a trade show display exhibit.


There is a lot of flexibility that comes with renting a trade show display. They allow marketers free range to add, adjust and remove any and all elements of their booth as it suits their needs. This can be done without the investment of buying the booth in full. Renting a display booth can also give marketers the opportunity to try new brand concepts and determine if the results indicate that buying the booth would be a good decision. Also, renting a display booth will make it easier for marketers to expand exhibits to include more or less depending on how well they are doing.

Range Of Options

Renting a display booth at a trade show is a great way to test the waters with an exhibit before having to fully commit to it. A good exhibit design house will offer their renters a lot of modular, portable and custom-designed booths to rent to help capture the attention of all that attend to help preserve the company’s resources. In many cases, the marketer will be able to rent multiple exhibits or change their style from show to show in order to suit their needs.


Renting a trade show display booth is a great way to promote your brand to potential clients from throughout the exhibit with minimal costs compared to buying a trade show exhibit. It is a very cost-conscious way to measure results of the effectiveness of a trade show display for a small fraction of the cost of buying. It is best to find a custom exhibit house that has a broad range of inventory for you to use so that you have all of the bells and whistles of a great display without having to go beyond your budget.

Turnkey Operation

There are many things you don’t have to worry about concerning your display when you rent it compared to owning it. When you own your exhibit display, you will have additional costs associated with the ownership such as keeping up with repairs, refurbishment and disposing of certain properties over time. When you rent, you will simply have to turn over any and all properties that are not yours to the design house and not have to worry about upkeep. There are no ownership costs to worry about and you can keep your bottom line lower.

Friendly Bottom Line

Renting instead of committing to buy a trade show display exhibit is good for a company’s bottom line. It is a smart and easy way to stay within your budget parameters while still getting the great benefits that display owners get with regards to marketing your company’s brand and image.

Using a trade show display is a great way to save time and company resources. You can test the waters and evaluate the results of having an exhibit at a trade show before any full commitment is made. Many trade show house design teams can offer your company a wide range of custom options to promote your brand how you want to without spending an arm and a leg doing so.

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