Torrey Hills Personal Injury Lawyers

Farar & Lewis LLP are the best personal injury lawyers in Balboa to handle your legal needs when you have been the victim of negligence that resulted injury. The professionals at this firm are more than capable to bring balance and justice to your life so you can get on living. Enduring the physical and mental trauma associated with severe injury and even thinking you may die is no small matter. This stress can promote nightmares, bad nerves, an inability to focus, and fear of what use to be second nature routines. If your life has been turn upside down, let us help flip it back and pursue fair compensation for the hardship you’ve experienced. We represent your best interests against insurance companies and parties responsible to not just give you a payday, but to give you what you deserve.

Who Our Clients Are

Our clients come from all walks of life being of various age groups, social and income levels, races, genders, religions, and more, but they all share one thing in common. They were victims that were harmed by someone doing something dangerous or neglecting doing something that was their responsibility. Farar & Lewis LLP specializes in personal injury cases so we’ve developed expert experience and exposure with these types of cases. We don’t represent parties interested in criminal defense, divorce, or other matters so our in depth knowledge of personal injury will help ensure you receive maximum compensation. Our firm serves victims of everything from medical malpractice, vehicular accidents, construction incidents, product defects, slip and fall mishaps, and many other types of scenarios that results in harm to our clients. If you’ve been harmed in a less common situation and another party is at fault, feel free to contact us to get specific information and counsel for your circumstances.

Who We Are

We are the premiere and elite personal injury lawyers in Balboa and have a stellar historical record. We feature over 30 years of combined experience in personal injury law and have won over tens of millions of dollars in massive cases. We are well respected amongst peers, news outlets, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

We’re Waiting To Hear From You

The Insurance companies that may be responsible for compensating you do not have your best interest in mind. They represent the person responsible for the accident and their goal is to pay out the least money possible. We at Farar & Lewis LLP are always available to provide counsel to any inquiries you may have and give free case evaluations. We only charge a fee if we win your case and if you’re incapacitated or have no transportation, we can come to you.