University City Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law is one of the broadest areas of civil law. These are laws that enable people who are injured by the negligence of another party, the legal opportunity to receive just compensation for their injuries. Personal injury actions include damages caused by large scale negligence resulting in environmental damage causing widespread illness, industrial negligence, workplace negligence, poorly developed medications causing sickness, and other major cases. Sometimes expensive large scale personal and well publicized class action injury cases or toxic tort cases pit large groups of plaintiffs against corporate or government defendants. Personal injury cases also include limited actions such as traffic accidents and individuals injuries due to, what the plaintiffs allege as, the negligence of another person.

The law was devised to allow people who are injured to use the courts to get justice. Pursuit of personal injury compensation is often a difficult and time consuming struggle. Anyone contemplating such action will require the services of an experienced attorney, who can obtain the necessary documents and forcefully represent the complainant. Studies show that the overwhelming majority of successful personal injury cases are settled by negotiated mutual agreement out of court. However, the threat of court is obviously an important motivator for the defendant to settle. A good attorney is very much a part of that process of negotiation.

A quick survey of personal injury cases in the courts of one jurisdiction over four years, shows that the vast majority of personal injury cases involve automobile accidents. More than 80% of the cases were brought by people seeking damages because of automobile accidents. Many of these cases were won by the plaintiffs who received compensation. Of the non-automobile related cases, involving dog bites, poor institutional care, medical and chiropractic malpractice, falls or other accidents, almost all were won by the defendants with complainants receiving no award.

Most of the time, attorney handling personal injury cases do so on a contingency basis. That means that attorney’s fees are calculated as a percentage of the settlement reached. Many attorney’s are reluctant to take personal injury cases they cannot win. These cases often involve extensive documentation and research to prove the negligence and adequately document the injury. If an attorney agrees to take a case of personal injury, the attorney will be convinced that there is a strong case. You can always be assured that if you are represented in a personal injury case, the attorney will be working hard to obtain your compensation.