University of Pittsburgh Title IX Violations

University of Pittsburgh Title IX Violations

Sexual Misconduct at University of Pittsburgh: What You Need to Know

The University of Pittsburgh, locally referred to as Pitt, has its own rules and regulations for sexual misconduct offenses. Students should familiarize themselves with these guidelines by reading the school’s Code of Conduct.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Complaints regarding sexual misconduct are to be reported to the University’s Title IX coordinator. It can also be done anonymously. Whoever is making an allegation against another student is known as the complainant while the person who is subject to allegations will be known as the respondent.

Interim Measures

Respondents may face interim measures imposed by the university such as a “no contact order” or changes in class schedules and/or living arrangements during proceedings to prevent interaction with the complainant. In some cases, a respondent may experience an interim suspension pending further action.

Informal Resolution

Complainants can elect informal resolution in certain instances where they don’t want to invoke disciplinary policies from the university. Instead, a specialist assigned by the Title IX office will reach out separately to both parties in hopes of coming up with solutions. However, keep in mind that despite what route initiated resolution follows, defendants have a right to resort to seeking recourse through standard university disciplinary means.

Formal Resolution

Complainants can choose formal resolutions when they decide to lodge a formal complaint versus respondents. Investigations will then follow after filing claims of misconduct, and a specific Investigator – dedicated solely for investigations related sexual misconduct – shall handle it. After completing their investigation, both parties are invited separately by Title IX Office for examining summary findings derived upon completion of said investigations.

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Presentation Of Evidence

Both parties are expected within 5 working days after first meeting invitation with the chance together any supporting evidence or adduce testimony from witnesses in defence their respective cases if they so choose to do so.


Students involved on either side (as complainant or respondent) are entitled to an advisor or supporting individual throughout the review process. Having an attorney who can provide counsel and guidance provides a significant advantage for both students. Students given attorneys counsel regarding proceedings will carry some of the courtroom techniques and best practices that comes with seeking advice from seasoned professionals during hearings. Furthermore, this legal insight can mean the difference between finding responsibility with attendant sanctions, or favourable adjudication.

Appeal Process

Students who face court decisions unfavourable to them will be given the opportunity to appeal. Letters of appeals must be submitted utilizing clear and concise language outlining areas of concern within five business days of receiving decision letters. While grounds for appeal aren’t specified, reasons for seeking appellate review must be addressed in detail.

Table 1: University of Pittsburg Sexual Misconduct Guidelines

| Process Type | Key Components |
| Reporting | – File complaints directly to Title IX office anonymously.- Complainants voice allegations as a “victim”; respondents = “*perpetrator*”.- Interim measures imposed against respondent include interim suspension |
| Informal Resolution | Specialist assigned in evaluating claims without invoking school disciplinary policies (Title IX violation). Parties gather individually proposing solutions though complainants may still opt for formal resolutions |
| Formal Resolution | Filing complainants versus respondents undergo investigations conducted by former investigators on staff at Department Education exclusively availing their services to student body |
| Evidence | Supporting evidence revelation presented by the respective parties within five working days after having met with title ix official following conclusion of investigation recap. |
| Advisors | Attorneys allowed representation aiding in presenting responses for represented party claiming tangible benefits over non-representation |
| Appeal | Appeal claims possible following appeals options available through university procedures following release of letter notification substantiating alleged violations which therein subject campers dismissal |

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