University Of The Sciences Title IX Violations

University Of The Sciences Title IX Violations

Taking a Stand Against Sexual Misconduct: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia’s Process

The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia does not tolerate sexual misconduct among its students. The institution has set in place an immutable Sexual Misconduct Policy that is upheld to administer discipline and adjudicate cases of sexual misconduct. The process for pursuing disciplinary action against instances of sexual misconduct is similar to standard misconduct but subject to a much greater level of scrutiny.

Reporting Incidents

Once instances of sexual misconduct have been reported, the university initiates a Title IX investigation into the matter to gather facts. The complainant who reported the incident will have ample opportunity to review the results of the investigation prior to any hearing taking place. It may be necessary for interim measures such as rescheduling classes or temporary suspension until the hearing concludes and resolution reached, should it be believed that a respondent has the potential to interfere with investigations or threaten university community safety.

Conducting Hearings

Hearings at University of Sciences are led by a student conduct committee, which is chaired by an appointed head. A definite timetable for these hearings does not exist; rather, proceedings occur based on the chairperson’s discretion. Nonetheless, both parties can exercise certain rights granted under specific circumstances they need permission from from chair.

Both parties have rights at hearings under specific circumstances, such as presenting their version of events and question witnesses with permission from Chair, who may alter particular aspects if it compromises complainant’s safety requirements. Once all relevant facts have been presented before Student Conduct Committee, it will be closed off entirely and panel members will deliberate before making decisions using “more likely than not” standard.

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Role of Advisory Attorneys

The University allows students meaning that accused students must seek legal representation as soon as possible because sexual misconduct allegations can result in irreversible lifetime consequences affecting future goals. To protect one’s interests while providing specialized knowledge that can assist during hearings, experts like attorneys are available right from behind the scenes.

The Appeal Process

If the outcome is not to one’s satisfaction, they might appeal a hearing decision within ten (10) working days of receiving notification. The reasons for appeal are excessive sanctions or findings against the evidence, procedural error, and new information.

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