USM Hagerstown Title IX Violations

USM Hagerstown Title IX Violations

Bold Title: Understanding The University System of Maryland’s Title IX Policy

The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown (USMH) is a highly esteemed higher education institution in downtown Hagerstown, offering undergraduate and graduate programs. For students to comply with federal guidelines, the institution has implemented federal regulations that are compulsory. Title IX is one of the laws that the school strictly enforces. The law prohibits gender-based discrimination, and any student who breaches this law is prosecuted and consequently faces dire consequences.

Gender-based discrimination includes sexual misconduct. USHM administration is obliged by law always to resolve cases related to sexual misconduct. If you are a student at this university and have been accused of indecent behavior, it’s imperative that you understand the processes that you’ll undergo according to Title IX requirements even if you feel like accusations are false or exaggerated. In this article, we will give a brief overview of USMH’s Title IX policy.

Title IX Process

USMH intends to resolve all cases of sexual misconduct within 60 days from the report’s original date unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Interim Measures

The main concern of the school’s title IX coordinator once they get notified about alleged sexual misconduct is making certain that both the complainant and campus society safe from possible retaliation. One way that they maintain a secure learning ecosystem when protecting against retaliation occurrences is by imposing interim measures; guidelines that restrict interactions between parties mentioned in complaints. Depending on circumstances, respondents may have limitations imposed upon them such as changing residencies or work assignments, no-contact orders- restricting written, verbal, electronic or third party communications between parties implicated in complaints-, limited access to specific areas on campus etc.

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Preliminary Investigation

Complainants and Title IX coordinators assess preliminary investigation reports’ relevance in determining whether action should proceed or not regarding sexual misconduct allegations. Aspects like complainants’ age, use of violence or weapons used in allegations prior disciplinary history of respondents inform decision-making by relevant parties.


If sexual misconduct allegations demand proceeding with the further investigation process of determining innocence or guilt findings- based on preponderance of evidence, investigative teams interview all the parties involved to collect facts about the assault. Once investigations are complete, investigators prepare an investigative finding with recommended appropriate sanctions if necessary.


The school follows laid down appeal procedures should respondents feel that determinations made or imposed sanctions are unfair and unjustified. Reasonable grounds for appeals must be presented before a school considers granting an appeal request. The Sole grounds for appealing must include instances like new information that might have emerged during investigation processes, procedural errors that may have influenced decision making, disputing disproportionate sanctions imposed relative to violations committed etc.

Title IX Advisor

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