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Video FAQs

Protecting Your Academic and Professional Goals: A Guide for Accused Students

If you are facing an allegation of academic misconduct, college sexual misconduct outside of Title IX, or any other matter that may negatively impact your academic and professional goals, it is essential to take action immediately. By understanding the stakes, the process, and the challenges, you can take proactive steps to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome.

The first step is to educate yourself on these matters. It may be the most challenging time in your life; you must remember that you are not alone in this fight. No one should go through it alone. This guide will help accused students and their parents navigate challenging issues with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that will help answer some critical questions.

Academic Misconduct FAQS

– What is academic misconduct?
– What are some examples of academic misconduct?
– What happens when an accusation of academic misconduct occurs?

College Sexual Misconduct FAQS

– What is College Sexual Misconduct?
– How does College Sexual Misconduct affect students academically and professionally?
– How do schools address College Sexual Misconduct, and what do I need to know about this process?


– What is Title IX?
– Who does Title IX protect from discrimination based on sex?
– How do I file a complaint under Title IX?

New Title Rules / Title IX Final Rule FAQS

– What are the new rules regarding Title IX recently promulgated by the Department of Education?
– When did schools have to comply with these rules?
– Why were changes made to the Departments prior guidance concerning Title IX?

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University Discipline FAQs

– What options does my school have when dealing with students who violate University code?
– Can a student who’s school violates procedure sue the University?
– How should I respond to my school’s disciplinary charges?

Nationwide Representation for Students and Others in Academia – Todd Spodek

Schools can be challenged, and academic misconduct cases can be won; however, this requires a calculated approach, an effective strategy, and the strongest possible defense.[b] Attorney Todd Spodek has successfully fought on behalf of countless students accused of academic misconduct or other university discipline violations[/b]. From Title IX sexual misconduct defense to fighting against college administrative bureaucracy, Mr. Spodek fights vigorously for his clients’ rights and interests.

If you or someone you know is facing discipline from their institution or any other matter while in academia, don’t lose hope. Reach out today at 212-300-5196 to engage with attorney Spodek for help.

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