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The Importance of Hiring a Title IX Attorney For Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Wagner College

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in colleges and universities that receive federal funding. If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, harassment, or any form of sexual misconduct while enrolled at Wagner College, it’s essential to understand that it’s a violation of Title IX, and your school must resolve it.

The consequences for being found “responsible” for such conduct could be severe and significantly hinder your progress towards graduation. Therefore, this article will focus on Wagner College’s disciplinary process and the significance of hiring an attorney-advisor if you end up facing charges.

Understanding Wagner College’s Disciplinary Process for Title IX Offences

Under Title IX, Wagner College is required to investigate any reports of sexual misconduct brought to its attention. The US Department of Education mandates all compliant higher education institutions like WC to respond promptly and equitably to such complaints; otherwise, they jeopardize their federal funding.

Complainants (the reporter) and respondents (the accused) should take note as their respective cases will be approached with extreme strictness. Thus parties involved should submit their claims following the recommended process below:

Filing A Complaint

Any party can file a complaint against anyone who has violated the College’s Community Standards. The grievance must be prepared in writing, signed by the complainant, and submitted to the college’s Title IX Coordinator shortly after the incident occurs.

Preliminary Meeting

Upon receiving a claim against someone from title ix coordinator at wagner college on your behalf or someone elses behalf, both parties; complainant and respondent are aware that they have options per justice rights under responsible parties laws.. Each party will be informed about what support services are available to them, including interim remedies and other accommodations.

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The appointed coordinator by WC proceeds to investigate if there was room for violation based on the merits presented by both parties. In cases of sexual violence allegations, mediation is not allowed. Grievance proceeding is carried out remotely as the complainant and respondent do not have to be in the same room.


The appointed investigator will interview the complainant, respondent, and any relevant witnesses to collect sufficient evidence for assessment in further examination


The hearing will be led by a panel comprising three people who will privately hear statements made by each party involved and then commence a questioning period for clarification if deemed necessary. Afterward, the panel will make its determination based on the preponderance of evidence.


Either party reserve’s full rights to appeal the decision reached on his or her behalf as well as sanctions imposed thereon within three business days of receiving the ruling. An appeal can be based on at least one of these factors:

1. There were procedural errors
2. There is concrete new evidence that was earlier unobtainable.
3.Sanctions imposed are too harsh or insufficient

Work with a Title IX Attorney

If you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct while enrolled at Wagner College, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney-Advisor to help navigate through proceedings with efficacy effectively. Retaining an attorney ensures that all options have been explored before moving forward.

An attorney can liaise between investigators and potential witnesses to obtain a thorough defense strategy to reduce penalties that could deprive your progress during your study duration.

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With years of experience working with students accussed of Title IX violation in US law schools or colleges, our attorneys bring their expertise, networks and resources into play when defending clients against charges or dealing with fellow students’ baseless accusations.

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