Waynesburg University Title IX Violations

Waynesburg University Title IX Violations

Waynesburg University: Taking Sexual Misconduct Seriously

Sexual misconduct is a serious concern, and Waynesburg University recognizes this issue within its student body. The university enforces a policy against sexual misconduct in its Code of Conduct through the Title IX Office responsible for enforcing the regulations. When it comes to disciplining students who have been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct, the processes utilized are different from those used for standard cases of misconduct. The consequences also tend to be more severe if a student is found responsible for violating such policies.

Waynesburg University Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Process

When a student files a report containing an instance of sexual misconduct with a university official, the process commences. A Title IX responsible employee reviews the complaint to determine whether it meets action requirements under the sexual misconduct policy. Throughout this process, the person filing a complaint will be referred to as the complainant while the party facing accusations will be known simply as the accused student.

While informal procedures are available for handling potential cases of sexual misconduct, they cannot be used when dealing with incidents of sexual violence or assault. If an incident cannot be resolved informally, then an official investigation will likely ensue. If deemed necessary, certain interim measures like housing changes or temporary suspension may also apply since circumstances where students pose threats to university communities must be handled carefully.

Formal Investigation

Investigators appointed by Waynesburg University’s Title IX Coordinator are commissioned to handle cases that require formal investigation phases. Both parties involved will have access to each other’s evidence and can suggest witnesses as needed during investigations conducted via separate meetings with a noninvolved moderator present throughout each phase.

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After concluding investigations, the Title IX Coordinator decides whether or not moving forward into formal hearing is warranted according based on provided evidence.

Formal Hearing

Moderators assigned by Waynesburg University’s Title IX Coordinator oversee any hearings held after investigations conclude when required. Three individuals relevant to each case, picked by the Coordinator, constitute panels deciding hearing results. Hearings occur based on moderator directions and are predicated on certain rights afforded students throughout these processes. Both parties involved in hearings may question presented witnesses, but direct questioning of each other is prohibited with panel members posing questions as needed. Additionally, both parties deliver statements to the panel for judgments made in alignment with a “preponderance of evidence” standard.

While hearing support is open through attorney representation, only non-attorney representatives attend hearings without criminal charges present at such proceedings. Sexual misconduct allegations are potentially life-altering regardless of criminal charges, and assuming things will be resolved without legal representation can risk future academics and livelihoods significantly. Regardless of criminal charges, retaining an attorney’s services is strongly suggested to help safeguard one’s student rights throughout the University’s Title IX investigative and disciplinary process while properly preparing for any impending hearings.

Waynesburg University Appeals

When facing unfavorable outcomes from hearings or investigations that result in accusations against a student accused of engaging in sexual misconduct; five business days following hearing conclusions open the grounds for appeal submission. Appealing instances require valid claims like University procedural disregard or decisions viewed as arbitrary or capricious before higher organizational audiences.

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