What Charges/Crimes do you Need an Attorney for?

What Charges/Crimes do you Need an Attorney for?

The Importance of an Attorney in Student Defense Cases

When faced with accusations of violating their school’s code of conduct, students may face a dual process: university discipline hearings and criminal charges. If a student is faced with these allegations and criminal charges loom as possible consequences, it would be wise for them to secure the services of dependable legal counsel. In these instances, an experienced student defense attorney can protect the charged person’s rights.

Common Criminal Charges Found on College and University Campuses

A few crimes are particularly prevalent at colleges and universities. Here are some of them:

Underage Drinking: In college, many students encounter opportunities to drink alcohol before they are legally allowed (i.e., age 21). While some might not face criminal charges per se, their respective schools will most likely hold disciplinary measures against students who choose to violate this law. For instance, students engaging in underage drinking could be temporarily or permanently dismissed from school, depending on how often they were caught.

Drug Crimes: Drug usage or possession is also quite common among college-aged individuals; however, educational establishments still prohibit such activities on their premises. Students who violate these rules may find themselves facing administrative action from school authorities or formal criminal charges.

Theft: Students may be charged with theft when they take something that belongs to someone else without permission. Consequences for a theft conviction vary based on what was stolen. For example, if someone steals valuable or many items, they stand accused of felony theft.

Hazing: Fraternities and sororities commonly engage in hazing – forcing new members into humiliating rituals – which places members’ physical safety at risk significantly along with mental health and academia hindrance. Over the years there has been an increase in hazing offenses leading to criminal proceedings along with banning such organizations entirely by schools.

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Piracy: Illegal distribution, copying or downloading copyrighted materials constitutes piracy offense. Nowadays college textbooks are outrageously high-priced, leading to increased incidents of students pirating them. Law enforcement along with school authorities have taken steps to deal with such crimes, considering that pirating textbooks cost the authors millions of dollars every year.

Weapon Possession: Most universities prohibit weapons on their campuses. In the wake of recent school shootings across America, schools have become increasingly vigilant towards such offenses resulting in punitive measures for guilty offenders.

Sexual Misconduct: Every form of sexual misconduct constitutes serious civil and criminal offenses; accordingly, sexual harassment, assault or even rape is prohibited by the university codes and Title IX policies. Universities take these cases very seriously as they are required by law to handle matters related to sexual misconducts promptly and efficiently. Students found culpable could face suspension, expulsion from academic institutions along with criminal trials.

The Competence of Student Defense Attorneys

It is now clear that any single one of these cited offenses may result in devastating consequences for a student’s educational career or even freedom; therefore, legal representation by an expert in student defense should be sought if accused wrongly.
Todd Spodek can expertly represent any student charged criminally while attending college or university. He has years of experience handling countless cases and getting favorable verdicts for his clients.

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