What should a student athlete in Florida do when facing a disciplinary violation or administrative issue at their college or university or with the NCAA? VIDEO

What should a student athlete in Florida do when facing a disciplinary violation or administrative issue at their college or university or with the NCAA? VIDEO

Protecting the Rights of Student Athletes in Florida: Why an Experienced Attorney Advisor is Important

Student athletes put in a lot of effort into their sport and academics. Therefore, it can be very devastating for them when they encounter legal issues related to their colleges or universities. A student athlete may face disciplinary sanctions for academic misconduct, Title IX sexual misconduct or other administrative issues involving their school, conference, or sports governing body. Teachers, athletic directors and NCAA administrators are responsible for managing such cases among others at their institutions. Sadly, these entities represent their own interests rather than that of the student-athletes they serve.

When facing vital issues relating to eligibility hardship or scholarship problems, transfer disputes, NCAA administrative appeals and issues with injuries concussions and sports litigation among others an experienced attorney advocate can help guide students through the investigation process helping them stay on track academically and remain eligible to play while protecting their rights throughout the proceedings.

As a student-athlete before becoming an attorney Todd Spodek is not only passionate about his profession but also passionate about providing solutions concerning unique challenges encountered by Florida student-athletes when dealing with legal matters at schools or sporting bodies like the NCAA. Todd Spodek’s commitment to representing his clients’ best interests has been tried over many years throughout high schools,colleges and universities nation-wide.

Table 1: List of Educational Institutions in Florida
| S/No | Institution |
| 1 | Acupuncture and Massage College |
| 2 | AI Miami International University of Art and Design |
| 3 | American InterContinental University South Florida |
| 4 | Argosy University Sarasota |
| 5 | Argosy University Tampa |
| … |

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Florida-based colleges, universities from nursing schools to research institutions and high schools alike have utilized the services of attorney Todd Spodek when explaining to student-athletes their rights, negotiating on their behalf, communicating with internal disciplinary entities and the insurance companies, as well as representing them in court proceedings.

Student athletes must seek the counsel of experienced attorneys who will fight for them wholeheartedly. When a case is in progress an attorney advisor should be involved at the earliest stage possible during any academic or athletic-related legal investigative process. The attorney’s role would involve examining evidence that has been compiled before charging their clients, conducting investigations from various chain of events to dispute alleged facts, preparing legal defenses and negotiating settlement offers with opposing parties.

When students encounter such issues at educational institutions it is essential that they know about their rights, what they involve and take necessary precautions before discussing any issues or concerns with the school, conference or sports governing body especially when facing administrative or disciplinary proceedings irrespective of whether they are associated with criminal or civil litigation matters.

At Todd Spodek law firm we provide support all through the legal process by protecting your interests and ensuring your rights are for-fully represented throughout proceedings. The result has been clear – our services beyond expectation. Contact us on 212-300-5196 where Todd Spodek would be delighted to speak to you personally and understand the unique circumstances relating to your case before offering impartial advice on how best he can proceed with handling it for you. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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