What should a student athlete in Tennessee do when facing a disciplinary violation or administrative issue at their college or university or with the NCAA? VIDEO

What should a student athlete in Tennessee do when facing a disciplinary violation or administrative issue at their college or university or with the NCAA? VIDEO

Protect Student Athletes in Tennessee with The Legal Support They Need

When a student athlete runs into trouble with their school, it can be devastating. High stakes academic and professional opportunities can be compromised due to misconduct, violations, or administrative issues. Unfortunately, coaches and other authority figures within their school or athletic organization may prioritize their own interests over those of the student athlete. That’s why hiring an experienced attorney advisor is essential when facing disciplinary or administrative proceedings.

Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group specialize in supporting student athletes throughout Tennessee education institutions like high schools, universities, and colleges. With Todd Spodek as your legal advocate, you can access years of experience passionately fighting for justice on behalf of his clients.

Have You Heard About Misconduct Issues Faced by Student Athletes?

Institutions place significant pressure on athletes to balance practice schedules with academic schedules and still perform well in both areas. Sometimes though students begin to fall behind which results in them needing to find creative ways to catch up fast—some unethical such as cheating leading to academic misconduct charges.

Title IX charges are another common issue faced by athletes when accused of sexual harassment or assault towards fellow students. These types of allegations do not only impact the future academics but will also tarnish their reputation at-large which is something every student-athlete fears.

Don’t Face Disciplinary Violations Alone!

Disciplinary proceedings often have severe consequences, including suspension from sports-related activities such as games or practices; complete removal from sports programs; major fines for any scholarship funds used (if found in violation during investigation hearing); or even criminal charges (in rare cases).

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It’s crucial that students guard themselves against these long-term risks by contacting expert student discipline defense attorneys who have experience dealing with these kinds of cases tailored specifically towards the unique challenges that face student-athletes.

Why Choose Todd Spodek for Your Tennessee Athlete Attorney Needs?

Working intimately with students and their families, Todd Spodek understands the difficulty of these situations and offers personalized support during these cases.

Managing state or federal court trials, Todd Spodek offers legal representation nation-wide with expertise in defending Tennessee student athletes on a variety of school and administrative cases that include:
– Academic Misconduct
– Title IX Sexual Misconduct Allegations
– NCAA Compliance Issues
– Athletic or Scholarship Loss appeals.
Besides an extensive list of high schools throughout the state, the following universities and colleges from Tennessee also experience unmatched service: 
– American Baptist College
– Aquinas College
– Argosy University Nashville
– Austin Peay State University 
– Bethel University
– Belmont University
– Bryan College
– Carson Newman College 
– Chattanooga State Community College 
..and many more.

Do Yourself a Favor – Call Todd Spodek’s Office Today!

Athletes should not act alone while facing any disciplinary process. Legal consideration from reputable attorneys is necessary to ensure standards are adhered to. Having decades of successful experience representing individual clients, Todd Spodek has indeed established himself throughout the United States as one of the go-to attorneys for several issues endured by student athletes on disciplinary breaches or admin issues.

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