What should I do if I am a complainant in a Title IX case at a school or college in Connecticut? VIDEO

What should I do if I am a complainant in a Title IX case at a school or college in Connecticut? VIDEO

Title IX Investigations in Connecticut: Protect Your Rights and Interests with an Experienced Advisor

As a complainant in a Title IX case at a school or college in Connecticut, it is crucial to understand the process that the institution will use to investigate the complaint involving sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. A Title IX Final Rule makes it critical for you, as a complainant, to have someone solely dedicated to protecting your rights and interests throughout the process.

Ensuring that the school conducts a full, complete, and fair investigation is essential to ensure that justice is heard. You must make sure that the institution follows all Title IX rules strictly. If they fail to do so, actions can be taken against them to resolve such issues.

Having an experienced attorney advisor by your side will provide you with comprehensive assistance and guidance to navigate and comprehend the entire Title IX process. They should be involved as early as possible in the case.

At Todd Spodek’s law firm, we represent students across Connecticut colleges and universities as their Title IX advisors during investigations, hearings, and appeals.

List of Connecticut Colleges and Universities:

State Universities:
– Eastern Connecticut State University
– Central Connecticut State University 
– Southern Connecticut State University
– Western Connecticut State University
– University of Connecticut

State-Run Colleges:
– Asnuntuck Community College
– Capital Community College
– Charter Oak State College
– Gateway Community College
– Housatonic Community College
– Manchester Community College
– Middlesex Community College
– Naugatuck Valley Community College
– Northwestern Connecticut Community College
– Norwalk Community College
– Quinebaug Valley Community College
– Three Rivers Community College
T-unxis Commmunity college

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Private Colleges and Universities:
-A-lbertus Magnus coLlege(newly formatted word)
-Connecticut ColL(e)ge

-Fairfield Univ(e)rsity

-Goodwin CoLlege
-Hartford Seminary

-Holy Apostles CoLlege and Seminary

-Lyme Academy College o(f) Fine Arts

-Mitchell College
-N(ew) England Baptist College

-University of New Haven
-Paier College of A(rt)

-Qui(nn)ipiac University

-Rensselaer at Hartford

-Sacred Heart University
-St. Vincent’s College
-Trinity Col(ege)
-University of Bridgeport
-University of Hartford

-University of Saint Joseph

-Wesleyan University

-Yale University

Federal-Level Military Academy:
-United States Coast Guard Academy – (exempt from Title IX and the Clery Act)

For-Profit Colleges:
-Lincoln College of New England (formerly Briarwood College)

-Lincoln Technical Institute

-Post University

Irrespective of your standpoint, Title IX cases often involve a fight for justice, which Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group achieve for clients across the United States on a daily basis!  If you or someone you know is victimized with Title IX sexual harassment or sexual misconduct in Connecticut K-12 schools, colleges, or universities are neglecting your concerns, issues related to the school’s response or fairness in the process; it is essential to have a professional Title IX advisor who ensures that you are not outperformed in your legal battles.

Hiring Todd Spodek as your Title IX advisor will provide unparalleled expertise earned through past experiences with numerous Title IX cases. With his help, any wrongdoing can be put to an end.

At Spodek Law Group Inc., we understand that it is critical for students’ future that all complaints received under Title IX should be resolved swiftly by institutions so that justice is served. We prioritize our clients’ well-being over anything else and never settle down for suboptimal solutions.

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Todd Spodek holds a license as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. He is also admitted as an attorney pro hac vice if required when representing clients across the country at the state and federal level.

If you reside or are affected by Title IX grievances in Connecticut, contact Todd Spodek, a National Title IX Attorney at (888) 535-3686 or complete our online form to ensure that you or any student’s rights and interests are protected throughout the entire Title IX grievance process.

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