What should I do if I am an international student accused of academic misconduct at my college or university in Ohio? VIDEO

What should I do if I am an international student accused of academic misconduct at my college or university in Ohio? VIDEO

Protecting International Students Accused of Academic Misconduct in Ohio

International students come to Ohio with high hopes and ambitions of receiving an exceptional education. Their academic pursuits are not only their own, but also that of their families who have invested time and resources into making their dreams come true. However, when they run into trouble with academic or code of conduct violations, the stakes become higher for these students. They have more to lose than their American counterparts, from jeopardizing their academic and career goals to the possibility of deportation.

Problematic areas often include cheating, plagiarism, and failure to meet academic standards. Several factors contribute to these difficulties that international students face when trying to conform to Western culture. For example:

– Cultural differences – What is considered cheating may differ among cultures
– Latent xenophobia – Irrational fear or dislikes towards strangers causing unintentional bias
– Language barriers – Miscommunication or misunderstanding despite speaking English fluently

When international students are found responsible for misconduct, serious consequences will follow. In addition to the aforementioned ramifications and loss mentioned above, if a college takes corrective action by suspending or expelling them from the institution means losing their student visas, leading quickly to deportation without any feasible option for return.

It’s no surprise that being accused of academic misconduct is concerning for all college students alike; however, its even more daunting an endeavour for international students due to what is at stake. Given this reality, understanding the discipline process along with taking necessary precautions before speaking with school officials will aid in reducing such stressors/anxieties during such allegations.

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Ohio colleges and universities offer several schools including but not limited include:
– Allegheny Wesleyan College
– American Institute of Alternative Medicine
– Antonelli College Cincinnati
– Art Academy of Cincinnati
– Ashland University
– ATS Institute of Technology
And many more.

The Spodek Law Group offers international student clients professional support at institutional hearings regarding code of conduct violations, investigation and appeal proceedings conforming with state law requirements. We can successfully resolve such issues without damaging their academic/professional careers and US residency visas.

Todd Spodek has devoted himself to representing collegiate clients in Ohio by way of over a quarter-century. You can rely on the experience, professionalism and ethical values when selecting Todd Spodek’s esteemed services for your school disciplinary or federal/state criminal defense representation case.

Todd Spodek works nationwide with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey but offers advisory services concerned with Ohio international students too under either his home jurisdiction or the pro hac vice method. Contact us today using our online form for more information about how we may help you!

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