What should I do if my child is facing a college sexual misconduct investigation in Missouri? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a college sexual misconduct investigation in Missouri? VIDEO

What to Do When Your Child is Accused of College Sexual Misconduct in Missouri

The prevalence of sexual misconduct is alarming, especially in college campuses across the United States. In Missouri, colleges and universities are often quick to make a judgment on such cases, without regard for the rights and interests of an accused student. If your child has been accused of sexual misconduct at their Missouri school, it is critical that you take precautions before engaging with the school or others. The consequences of this type of accusation are extremely high for your childs academic and professional future.

It is important to note that engaging with the school should only happen after taking proper precautions. That means understanding the school’s process on how the case will be addressed and adjudicated, and gathering as much information about the allegations as possible. You also need to be prepared to respond accordingly when you do engage with the school.

One reason why it is imperative to take action sooner rather than later is because every step of a college sexual misconduct case is vital, with early stages setting the tone for later aspects of the case.

It can be understandably overwhelming to face such accusations alone but know that you don’t have to do so. An experienced attorney advisor can help your child understand what they’re facing during this trying time by navigating them through each step objectively towards a favorable outcome, ensuring that their rights and interests are protected from start to finish.

Todd Spodek is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, making him qualified as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court if needed when representing clients nationwide. You can count on him as an ally for his clients’ needs while prioritizing their well-being since he knows how crucial mounting a solid defense can impact his clients’ academic and professional future.

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If your child attends any colleges or universities listed below or more apart from other educational institutions located in Missouri
Avila University
Baptist Bible College & Graduate School
Brown Mackie College St Louis
Bryan University Springfield
Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary
Central Bible College
Central Christian College of the Bible
Central Methodist University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chamberlain College of Nursing Missouri
College of the Ozarks Colorado Technical University Kansas City
Columbia College Conception Seminary College Cottey College
Cox College Crowder College Culver-Stockton College
DeVry University Missouri Drury University East Central College
Evangel University Everest Colle Springfield Fontbonne University
Grantham University Hannibal-LaGrange University Harris-Stowe StateUniversity Hickey College ITT Technical Institute Arnold ITT Technical Institute Earth City ITT Technical Institute Kansas City ITT Technical Institute Springfield JeffersonCollege Kansas City Art Institute Kenrick Glennon Seminary L’EcoleCulinaire Lincoln University LindenwoodUniversity Linn State TechnicalCollege Maryville Universityof Saint Louis MessengerCollege MetroBusinessCollegeArnold Metro BusinessCollege Cape Girardeau Metrbusines college jefferson CTy Metro Business ROCk North Central Missouri COllege NorthwestMissouri STate Univeristy Ozark Christian COllege OzarksTechnical Community COllegrPark Univeristy Pinnacle Career InsituteSouth kansas City Pinnacle Career InsitutteNorth Kansas Ranken Tech COLLEGE Research COLLEGE OF NURSING Rockhurst Universeity Ann Marie and Stephen K Buescher Foundation Scholarship SaintLouisChristian college SaintLouisCommunity college SaintLouisUniversirty Maiin campus Sanford Brown college Fenton Sanford Brown Colleg Hazelwood Sanford BrownColege Stpeters SoutheastHospital COLLEGEOF nursing& HealthcareScience SouthwestBapristUniverty. etc

You are advised to secure an attorney advisor early in the investigative process if you want to ensure that not only is the investigation handled well but also that your child’s interests are protected from start to finish. The quality of what takes place during the investigative process will determine success or otherwise for your child in aspects of responsibility for sexual misconduct charges.

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It is a mistake to engage in any meetings, interviews or written communication with a school without obtaining legal counsel first. Never assume that explaining what happened will clear up the matter. Such cases can be ugly situations that require a legal approach and do not end well without experienced representation.

Never hesitate to reach out to Attorney Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196 or by completing the online form provided on this page to ensure good legal representation during this overwhelming period in your life.

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