What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in Alaska? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in Alaska? VIDEO

What to Do If Your Child Faces Title IX Case in Their Alaska High School

If your child is facing a Title IX case in their high school in Alaska, you need to take the necessary precautions before engaging with the school. The school is not your friend, and you need to approach the situation with a dedicated and calculated plan if you want your child to be found not responsible. It is crucial that you become familiar with the school’s policies concerning addressing and adjudicating the case either through an investigation model or a live hearing model that the Title IX Final Rule allows.

Ensure that every step taken during this process is well-thought-out because so much is at stake for both you and your child. You cannot fight this battle alone; it would be best if you had an experienced attorney advisor by your side as soon as possible.

To ensure that your child’s Title IX investigation at their Alaska high school is handled properly, their interests and rights must get protected from as early as possible during the sexual misconduct investigative process. Even when a finding of responsibility for sexual misconduct charges occurs at a hearing in some high schools, what happens during the investigation itself will determine whether or not an accused student gets found responsible for Title IX charges in some schools where only an investigative process takes place hence setting the stage for what transpires before a hearing panel.

Unfortunately, some parents make mistakes by not taking the necessary precautions when accused of sexual misconduct. They mistakenly believe that if they explain what happened, their high school will be fair and impartially arrive at harsh truths.

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Fighting passionately for his clients’ futures at schools throughout America over many years, Todd Spodek understands how critical it is to mount strong defenses since he recognizes that an accused student’s academic history hangs on this balance literally. He seeks nothing but his clients best outcome options prioritizing their needs and well-being instead of just settling for an easy outcome option. Todd Spodek is licensed in states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York and admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court when needed to represent clients nationwide serving as Title IX attorney advisor to students facing sexual misconduct investigations and disciplinary cases throughout America.

If you want to protect your interests or that of your student’s, contact National High School Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196.

Table 1: List of Alaska High Schools Where Todd Spodek Can Help

Here are the Alaska high schools where Todd Spodek can help as your child’s Title IX advisor during investigations, hearings, and appeals:

| School District |
| Alaska Gateway |
| Aleutian Region |
| Aleutians East Borough|
| Anchorage |
| Annette Island |
| Bering Strait |
| Bristol Bay Borough |
| Chatham |
| Chugach |
| Copper River |
| Cordova |
| Craig City |
| Delta/Greely |
| Denali Borough |
| Dillingham City |
| Fairbanks North Star |
| Galena City |
| Haines Borough |

Table 2: Reasons to Get Involved Early in the Sexual Misconduct Investigative Process

Here are reasons why it is essential for you to get involved early into the sexual misconduct investigative process:

Reason Description
Make sure proper handling Ensure proper procedures get followed to handle the Title IX case against
their name.
Protect interests/rights Protect accused students’ rights from getting violated during the investigative
Investigation affects finding The investigation stage sets stage for what transpires before a hearing panel while at
on sexual misconduct charges some schools, only an investigation process determines if the accused gets found
responsible for Title IX charges.
Get a chance at a good outcome With proper legal representation, it is possible to get favorable outcomes from Title IX
disciplinary cases.

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To mount a robust defense in your child’s interest, you need an experienced attorney advisor from the word go. The Alaska high school system operates under the more structured and arguably equitable procedures of the newly enacted Title IX Final Rule. Whether adjudicated through an investigation model or live hearing model, you must provide calculated approaches to ensure that your child is found not responsible play by the rules.

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