What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in Georgia? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in Georgia? VIDEO

Protecting your child’s rights and interests is a top priority when facing a Title IX case at their Georgia high school. Regardless of the more structured process provided by the Title IX Final Rule, you cannot assume that it will be fair. The consequences of getting accused can be devastating and irreversible for your child. Therefore, it is critical to take necessary precautions before engaging with the school in any capacity.
The high-stakes processing involves potential reputational harm, suspension, or even expulsion from the help school. To ensure that your child has a fighting chance, an experienced attorney advisor should be engaged as early as possible in the process to improve their chances of achieving a favorable outcome.
The Title IX Final Rule provides two models for adjudicating cases: the investigation or live hearing model. However, each model has its pros and cons which require familiarity with the school’s policies to prepare an appropriate response.
Parents often make the mistake of not taking necessary measures as soon as possible when facing such allegations. Some assume that explaining what happened will immediately clear their child’s name. Unfortunately, this is not always true as sexual misconduct allegations are considered grave offenses that must receive serious attention to ensure safer learning environments for students.
Todd Spodek knows how crucial mounting a strong defense would be as he has fought passionately for many years on behalf of clients throughout the country against schools conducting investigations related to alleged sexual misconduct charged at high schools across Georgia and nationwide. He understands his clients’ academic future and strives always to prioritize their needs by working tirelessly towards ensuring justice. Todd Spodek is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in both state and federal court when representing clients nationwide covering New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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Below is a list of some Georgia high schools where Todd.Spodek could serve as your child’s advisor:


A Appling County Public Schools Atkinson County Public Schools Atlanta Public Schools
B Bacon County Public Schools Baker County Public Schools Baldwin County Public Schools
Banks County Public Schools Barrow County School System Bartow County School System Ben Hill County Public Schools Berrien County Public Schools Bibb County School District Bleckley County Public
Schools Brantley County Public Schools Bremen City Public Schools Brooks County Public
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Bulloch county schools

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The investigation process can be more challenging and time-consuming since proper evidence needs to be collected, but it could increase the chances of an accused student being found not responsible. On the other hand, a live hearing process may favour those who have excellent communication skills or persuasiveness to defend themselves, but it could also put undue pressure on the accused student. It is critical to ensure that a fair and just process is strictly followed throughout the investigations, and an experienced attorney advisor can help protect your child’s rights.

Todd Spodek has been advocating tirelessly on behalf of students facing such allegations for many years in Georgia and nationwide. He knows how vital it is to mount a strong defense because an accused student’s academic future often hangs in the balance. Todd.Spodek does not settle for easy outcomes and prioritizes his clients’ needs and well-being by providing them with the right support at every stage of the legal proceeding. Having been admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in several states across the country, including Georgia, he can adequately represent clients nationwide.
Protecting your child from Title IX proceedings related to sexual misconduct should be taken seriously because such allegations could have far-reaching consequences. Do not gamble with your child’s future; contact National High School Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today for expert advice on how best to handle such situations.

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