What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in New Hampshire? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in New Hampshire? VIDEO

Protecting your child’s interests is crucial if they’re facing a Title IX case at their high school in New Hampshire. The stakes are high, and there’s no guarantee that the Title IX Final Rule will provide your child with a fair process. It takes concerted effort for an accused student to be found not responsible. For this reason, it’s imperative to take necessary steps before engaging with the school in any capacity.

You must understand all of the policies and procedures associated with Title IX cases at the school. The Final Rule allows high schools to use an investigation or live hearing model for adjudication, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents need to know these differences so that they can respond adequately to each situation.

At Todd Spodek, we strongly advise retaining an experienced attorney-advisor as soon as possible in the process. This will give your son or daughter the best chance of receiving a fair process and a favorable outcome.

At our firm, we have helped students throughout New Hampshire effectively navigate investigations, hearings and appeals related to accusations of sexual misconduct, regardless of their geographical location within the state.

We have experience representing individuals from districts across New Hampshire including but not limited to:


Allentown School District

Alton School District

Amherst School District

Andover School District

Ashland School District

Barnstead School District

Barrington School District

Bartlett School district

Bath School district
Bow Community Schools 

Berlin Public Schools

Bethlehem Public Schools

Brookline Hollis Coop 

Campton Campton Elementary Schools

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Candia Candia Elementary Schools

Chester Chester Academy

Chesterfield Chesterfield Schools

Chichester Chichester Central

Claremont Claremont SD SAU 6

Cocheco Arts And Technology Charter Academy

Coe Brown Academy coe-brown-northwood-academy

Colebrook Colebrook Public Schools

Concord Concord School District

Contoocook Valley Contocook Valley School District

Conway Conway Public Schools

Coös County Coös County Schools

Cornish Cornish Elementary school

Croydon Croydon Village School

Deerfield Deerfield Community School

Derry Derry Cooperative School District

Epping Epping School District

Epsom Epsom Central School

Errol Errol Consolidated Elementary

Exeter Exeter Region Cooperative Sch Dst

Fall Mountain Reg Fall Mountain Regional SD SAU 60

Farmington Farmington Schools (SAU61)

Franklin Franklin City Schools

Freedom Freedom Elementary school (SAU9)

Fremont Fremont SAU83 schools

Gilford Gilford SA#73

Gilman Gilman Schools

Goffstown Goffstown cooperative school district

Gorham Gorham Town Sch District

Governor Wentworth Governor Wentworth Regional Sch

Grantham Grantham Village Elementary SD

Hampstead Hampstead Middle SD

Hampton Hampton School District

Hanover Hanover co-op school district

Harrisville Wells Memorial Sch and Monadnock Orchard Montessori Inc.

Haverhill Haverhill Cooperative Special Education Union

Henniker Henniker community school district

Hill Hill public schools

Hillsboro Deering Hillsboro-Deering Cooperative

Plainfield Plainfield elementary schools.

Plymouth Plymouth Regional High

Portsmouth Portsmouth SD SAU 52

Profile Profile Public SchooLs: Jefferson, Randolph, Groveton and Stratford

Prospect Mt Prospect Mountain High and Elementary

Raymond Raymond college and career academy?1627

Richmond Richmond Middle and high school

Rivendell Interstate Rivendell Interstate School?

Rockingham Rockingham Country Therapy

Rochester Rochester School Department

Rollinsford Rollinsford Grade School

Rumney Rumney Memorial

Rye Rye Elementary school

Salem Salem Public School District  

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Whenever a high school student’s future is on the line, an experienced and passionate defense lawyer can make all the difference. Todd Spodek has years of experience in fighting for his clients’ rights to a fair trial and ensuring that their academic futures are protected.

We urge you not to make the mistake of thinking that just explaining what happened is enough. The process of investigating sexual misconduct charges is complicated, and schools are under immense pressure to report investigations accurately to satisfy external pressures.

As such, it’s imperative to focus on protecting your child’s case during the investigative stage itself. When you retain Todd Spodek as your attorney, we’ll help you build the most robust defense possible while prioritizing your interests above all else. Our team will mount a strong offense both during hearings and when preparing appeals if necessary.

To guarantee your child receives quality legal assistance in New Hampshire, contact Todd Spodek at 212-300-5196 today. You don’t have to go through this process alone; we’re here to help!

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