What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Carolina? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Carolina? VIDEO

Protecting Your Child in Title IX Cases at North Carolina High Schools

When your child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Carolina, it’s essential to take action and make the necessary precautions before engaging with the school. The stakes are high, and you cannot assume that the process will be fair, despite the structured and equitable approach outlined in the Title IX Final Rule.

One way to protect your child’s rights is to retain an experienced attorney advisor who can guide you through every step of the process. You want someone who understands that a dedicated effort is required to clear your child’s name. They can help ensure that your son or daughter mounts the strongest possible defense during their case.

It’s worth noting that North Carolina high schools are allowed to address and adjudicate these cases through either an investigation or a live hearing model, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Parents need to familiarize themselves with school policies and respond accordingly.

At Todd Spodek, we provide guidance and support during these critical times by serving as title ix advisors for students facing sexual misconduct investigations or disciplinary cases in North Carolina. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring our clients’ best interests and well-being are prioritized.

The Importance of Proper Title IX Investigation

During a Title IX investigation, everything counts since what takes place during this stage sets a precedent for what comes next. Even if your child’s school makes a finding of responsibility for sexual misconduct charges at a hearing, what takes place within an investigation can determine whether they’re found responsible or not responsible overall.

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As such, parents should not wait until later stages of proceedings before taking adequate precautions promptly if their child has been accused of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, some people believe wrongly that merely explaining what happened may result in fair treatment from interested parties when things are far from perfect.

Why You Need A Defense Attorney?

An experienced attorney could be your son or daughter’s best ally when facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Carolina. By retaining legal counsel, you will ensure your child’s interests and rights are protected from the earliest possible time.

Todd Spodek is an attorney, licensed in three states, admitted to practice pro hac vice where necessary when representing clients nationwide. He serves as a Title IX advisor to high school students facing disciplinary cases and sexual misconduct investigations across the United States.

Todd Spodek knows how vital it is to mount the strongest defense because he recognizes that an accused student’s academic future is on the line. He strives for outcomes that protect his clients’ best interests and well-being by leaving no stone unturned.

North Carolina High Schools Served

We represent students from North Carolina schools such as:





North Carolina High Schools
Alamance-Burlington Schools
Alexander County Schools
Alleghany County Schools
Anson County Schools
Ashe County Schools
Asheboro City Schools
Avery County Schools

Protect Your Child’s Future – Contact Todd Spodek Today!

In conclusion, protecting your child’s future is essential, so you want to get it right the first time during a Title IX case at their high school in North Carolina. To achieve that, you need expert legal advice from an attorney who knows how to advocate for justice passionately.

At Todd Spodek, we recognize this and have gained years of experience providing guidance and support during these critical times. Contact us today for quick assistance by calling 212-300-5196 or visit our website for more information on Title IX defense services.

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