What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Dakota? VIDEO

What should I do if my child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Dakota? VIDEO

Protect Your Child’s Rights If They’re Facing a Title IX Case at Their High School in North Dakota

If your child is facing a Title IX case at their high school in North Dakota, it is vital to take the necessary precautions before engaging with the school in any capacity. Too much is at stake–their academic future and reputation are on the line. It is essential to understand that although the Title IX Final Rule (implemented in August 2020) offers a more structured and arguably more equitable process compared to previous guidance, you cannot assume a fair procedure. Thus, it would require a dedicated effort for an accused student to be found not responsible.

Parents must keep themselves informed about the policies and procedures of their child’s school regarding adjudicated cases via either hearing or investigation models – students can plan their defense strategy accordingly. The live hearing model and investigation model have their advantages and disadvantages, but parents should still encourage their children to mount the strongest defense possible during the course of the case. You need an experienced attorney advisor involved as early as possible to work towards ensuring fairness throughout the investigation, hearing, and appeals process.

Todd Spodek has helped numerous high school students navigate through such complicated proceedings nationwide for many years. He understands how important it is to mount the strongest defense since he knows that his clients’ academic future hinges on this decision; therefore, he never settles for an easy outcome. As a licensed attorney practicing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York with admission pro hac vice in state and federal court if needed when representing clients nationwide, Todd Spodek serves as a Title IX attorney advisor to high school students facing sexual misconduct investigations and disciplinary cases in North Dakota and throughout the United States.
High Schools In North Dakota Represented By Attorney Todd.Spodek
Adams Public School District            Earl Public School District
Alexander Public School District       East Central School District
Anamoose Public School District       Edgeley Public School District
Apple Creek Public School District     Edinburg Public School District
Ashley Public School District          Edmore Public School District
Bakker Public School District         Endrick Public School District
Baldwin Public School District        Eight Mile Public School District
Barnes County North Schools           Elgin- New Leipzig Public School 
Beach Public Schools                   Ellendale Public School District 
Belcourt Public Schools                Emerado Publis Schools
Belfield Publis Schools                Enderlin Publis Schools   
Bell Publis Shool District             Eureka Publis ShoolDdistrict   
Berthold public school district       Fairmount public school district
Beulah public Schoole district        Fargo Publis schools 
Billings Co. public school district    Fessenden public schools district 
Bisbee-Egeland public scholl distric  Fessenden-Bowdon public shool d.
Bismarck publis schoolsL              Finley-Sharon PUblic shool distr.
Border Central publlic shool d.       Flasher publc shool district 
Bowbells pubic schol ddistrict        Fordville-lankin PBslc sdistrict  
Bowdon pshhedchola Darsrictt     And many more.  

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It is critical to ensure that the Title IX investigation at your child’s high school in North Dakota is handled properly, and the accused student’s interests and rights are protected from the beginning of the sexual misconduct investigative process. One significant reason is even if there is a finding of responsibility for sexual misconduct charges at a hearing, the prior actions during the investigation will set expectations and information given during a hearing. At high schools where decisions lie solely through the investigative process, what takes place during the investigation itself will determine whether the accused student is found not responsible for Title IX charges.

Parents and guardians must avoid the mistake of assuming that merely explaining what happened to school officials would result in fair, impartiality leading to the truth. In a perfect world, this may be the case, but sexual misconduct allegations and Title IX charges do exist. It is vital to hire an experienced attorney advisor as soon as possible if your child is accused of such charges involving sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination under Title IX.

How Can Todd Spodek Help?

Todd Spodek is a highly skilled and experienced attorney who has been providing excellent legal representation to students facing all types of accusations throughout the United States. Mr Spodek’s approach is unique for he puts his clients’ needs first and always listens carefully before making any decisions regarding the best course of action.

Mr Spodek knows how frightened and confused students can feel when they are subjected to investigations, hearings, and appeals which have grave consequences on their academic future. Clients receive timely updates on their cases since Mr Spodek emphasizes communication throughout all phases of representation.

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Todd Spodek thrives in competitive situations thus push back against schools looking to punish students severely with little evidence while maintaining decency and respectfulness while working with individuals representing a diverse range of backgrounds.

Contact National High School Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today by calling 212-300-5196 or visit studentdisciplinedefense.com so that he can serve as your trusted guide through these complex proceedings anywhere in North Dakota today!

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