What should I do if my high school student is accused of academic misconduct in New Hampshire? VIDEO

What should I do if my high school student is accused of academic misconduct in New Hampshire? VIDEO

What Should You Do if Your High School Student is Accused of Academic Misconduct in New Hampshire?

Academic misconduct charges can be extremely severe and can immensely impact a student’s chance of going to college or university. Cheating on an exam, using unauthorized internet resources, plagiarism, cheating on college board assessments, the SAT, SAT subject matter exams, AP exams are some examples of academic misconduct charges that can result in severe consequences for high school students. It is imperative to ensure that your high school student gets their due process rights while being accused of academic misconduct. The charges against the accused student must be clearly stated, and the investigative process used to probe the alleged offense should be fair.

In particular, when interacting with the College Board, it becomes crucial for students and their parents to have a detailed understanding of the entire process so that they can achieve the best possible outcome. The College Board takes academic misconduct seriously and may act firmly while imposing sanctions on accused students.

If your child is accused of academic misconduct in any New Hampshire high school district – from Allenstown School District to Winnacunnet Cooperative School District – it’s critical to enlist an experienced attorney advisor who can help defend your child against these allegations as early as possible during the case proceedings.

At Todd Spodek’s Law Firm, we understand how essential it is for us as legal advisors to protect your child’s interests and rights throughout this investigation process into allegations of academic irregularities faced by them at school. We have assisted many high-school students facing similar situations across schools nationwide over several years.

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If you’re appearing before a panel hearing regarding such accusations at your high school or investigated solely through inquiry processes leading to a decision by authorities/jury based on evidence presented during investigation being either ‘responsible’ or ‘not responsible,’ then what takes place during this investigative phase will dictate whether you win or lose.

It may be one mistake not to take sufficient precautions when faced with such accusations that may have far-reaching consequences for your child’s future. Some parents may assume that explaining the incident might resolve the matter, but schools may not be fair in handling these matters at all times.

Todd Spodek understands that getting accused of academic misconduct can put a student’s academic future and career aspirations in peril. But Joseph aggressively fights for his clients’ rights and prioritizes their needs and well-being instead of settling for a lenient outcome.

If you are searching for Academic Misconduct Advisors/Attorneys to protect your child’s future prospects by representing them through all school disciplinary hearings, investigations, appeals or potential litigation throughout the nation with representation in various states; like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York (or beyond), contact our offices immediately.

Don’t wait until it’s too late when an accused high-school student’s academic future is hanging in balance; call Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196 and secure proper legal guidance to fight back against any allegations of academic misconduct made against your child!

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