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Drunk driving is considered one of the most heinous traffic-related crimes in every single state across the country. However, the current DUI laws do not require any individual to actually be drunk or intoxicated in any way to be found guilty of a single DUI charge. Instead, the laws in place simply measure your ability to operate a motor vehicle by the arresting officer administering a blood alcohol level test and having it exceed the allowed state limit. In all states, the blood alcohol limit is currently .08 percent. If you go over this number, though, the officer can arrest you and take you in as a drunk driver, charging you as such.


The consequences of being arrested on a DUI charge changes from state to state, is influenced by your age and your blood alcohol level, whether or not you have been arrested previously for a DUI, and whether you caused an accident that led to injury or death while operating a motor vehicle. Depending on the situation, hiring a lawyer is a completely personal choice that is left in your hands.

What One Does

A DUI/DWI lawyer will observe a range of potential consequences one may experience after having been arrested and considered a drunk driver. Said lawyer will then determine how best to move forward and minimize the damages to their clients’ lives and jobs. An experienced professional can help their client to understand the potential fines and jail time that may follow an arrest.

A lot of DUI lawyers will only handle DUI cases, and as such understand all of the little intricacies of the case and the outcomes, including any hidden options that the public defender may not have told you in the first place. Most will offer a free consultation to start, which may be worth your time depending on the severity of charges.

Each DUI charge is different and will require different levels of commitment and experience from your lawyer. Some charges may have long-term consequences, in which case you want a lawyer who knows what they are doing and can help out. Some, however, only have small fines and a bit of jail time to experience, all of which can be taken care of relatively quickly.

Hiring A Lawyer

Whether or not you need to hire a lawyer for your case truly depends on the situation at hand, your personal situation, and your financial situation. Most DUI lawyers offer the free consultation, as mentioned previously, which can seriously simplify the entire starting process of speaking with an attorney.

When you are deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer, there are some guidelines you should take into consideration:

  • Definitely Hire – Hire a DUI lawyer as soon as possible if you have had previous DUI charges and recently received another, if your DUI resulted in an accident, or if the DUI resulted in the death of another driver or passenger. Definitely hire a lawyer if you happen to be a professional driver whose livelihood may depend upon hanging onto your license. If you are facing jail time or a massive fine, then hire a lawyer soon.
  • Consider – You should seriously consider hiring a lawyer if you have been arrested once prior for a DUI, or were arrested with a blood alcohol content level of more than double the state’s limit.
  • Good Idea – It is a good idea to hire a lawyer if you perhaps do not understand your rights to the fullest or the state’s DUI laws. Alternatively, it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer if you are uncomfortable with the potential outcome, what you should do, or the consequences you may face elsewhere in life.