Why Not Choose a Local Criminal Attorney for High School Title IX Defense?

Why Not Choose a Local Criminal Attorney for High School Title IX Defense?

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney for Title IX Charges

Title IX charges can be devastating for high school students, potentially resulting in expulsion, criminal charges, and civil liability. These charges have long-term educational, career, and reputational impacts, affecting not only the accused student but also their concerned parents and family members. Therefore, it is crucial that students facing these charges quickly hire skilled and experienced attorney representation. While some may be tempted to reach out to the first available local defense attorney due to the quasi-criminal nature of school sexual misconduct charges, this is generally not the right move.

Law Is a Speciality Practice
Attorneys specialise in different areas of law because it’s an extraordinarily subtle and complex field where even lawyers with years of experience continue to learn on the job. Furthermore, different types of law require varying sets of skills and expertise. Just as you wouldn’t visit a cancer specialist to treat diabetes, hiring a local criminal defense attorney to defend federal Title IX misconduct charges in an academic administrative proceeding is unwise because they do not have the required skills and expertise.

Title IX Charges Are Administrative
High school sexual misconduct cases are administrative rather than criminal proceedings as they take place under school administrative rules and procedures rather than court rules and procedures. If you retain a local criminal defense attorney for this matter, they won’t usually have experience in administrative matters which renders them incompetent.

Hire a Title-IX Expert
To mount an effective defence against such charges requires a skilled and experienced academic administrative lawyer who holds expertise in defending Title IX cases: someone who understands its legal staff, investigators, expert witnesses, consultants with relevant proactive knowledge. Consequently retaining services from attorneys such as Todd Spodek would make sense.

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Title IX Involves Federal Law
Title IX is part of federal Education Amendments which makes it highly complex; thus having detailed knowledge about its nuances is required before one can provide suitable representation. Few or none of those in-state criminal lawyers are aware of the intricacies that constitute Title IX regulations as they follow state criminal laws and ordinances.

Title IX Procedures Are Federal
Because Title IX’s administrative procedures involve federal-level authorities, it differs entirely from state and local court processes. Lack of familiarity with Title-IX academic administrative law can cost you in court if the attorney is a locally-based criminal defense lawyer.

Academic Administrative Proceedings Have Unique Customs
The customs, norms, behaviors, expectations, and culture within high schools are vastly different from other settings including courtroom scenarios. Therefore hiring an expert who knows how to behave under such circumstances is important.

Title IX Procedures Are Largely Informal
Criminal cases follow strict rules and procedures: however, Title IX administrative proceedings do not have such formalities. That makes it difficult for in-state criminal lawyers who are geared more to adhere strictly to constitutional rights enforced by the court system.

Unique Outcomes and Options
There are vast differences between the outcomes reached after evaluating evidence in sexual misconduct cases involving high school students and those resulting from criminal charges. The primary goal of any Title 9 proceeding is rehabilitating the accused student rather than punishing them severely.

Hire a Title-IX Academic Defence Attorney Today!
National attorney Todd Spodek has extensive experience successfully navigating such situations across several states culminating in hundreds of satisfied clients over his many years of practice. If you’re based in the United States grappling with high school sexual misconduct charges brought under Title IX then call him today!

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