Widener University Title IX Violations

Widener University Title IX Violations

Strict Title IX Policy at Widener University for Disciplining Sexual Misconduct

Widener University, with its two law schools, has a strict policy under Title IX in handling sexual misconduct allegations. All campuses and members are subject to the policies and procedures enforced by the university’s Title IX coordinator. The investigation and resolution process of sexual misconduct accusations in Widener University is conducted separately from the typical disciplinary approach for behavioral infractions.

When a student faces an allegation of sexual misconduct, the office of the Title IX Coordinator initiates an investigation. The reporting party and responding party will be labelled as such throughout the procedure. Interim measures such as relocation or suspension might be employed during this time if deemed necessary to protect either party from harm or interference with the inquiry.

The selected investigators will conduct separate interviews with each side and any witnesses, where all parties can suggest relevant questions for interrogation. The investigative phase will culminate in findings based on “a preponderance of evidence” used as a standard. Should there be found any need for sanctions or other actions required, these decisions would come from the Title IX Coordinator.

As students facing such allegations risk affecting their long-term goals academically and professionally, it is recommended they select an attorney as their advisor during all hearings held by educational institutions concerning them. Attorneys have expertise in courtroom practices that could prove helpful for suggesting questions to investigators during proceedings; they can also ensure that students’ rights are protected throughout the investigative process while supporting them through all adverse outcomes related to claims made against them.

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Appeals claiming procedural errors or new evidence discovered can be made within three days of receiving unsatisfactory outcomes determined by Widener’s Title IX policy. Such protocols exist to protect vulnerable individuals on campus who find themselves entangled in sensitive but very serious situations requiring legal attention.


Allegations of sexual misconduct can have far-reaching implications when not handled correctly by institutions responsible for protecting students. A proper Title IX policy and the transparent procedures that accompany them reflect Widener’s commitment to students’ well-being, ensuring they are protected when the need arises. Attorney Todd Spodek can assist where necessary in navigating these complex cases.

Table: Widener University Sexual Misconduct Procedures

| Investigative Procedure | Description |
| Reporting Party | The student initiating the report of misconduct|
| Responding Party | The subject of the official report made |
| Interim Measures | Temporary measures protecting either party |
| Standard of Evidence Collection | “Preponderance of evidence” |

Table: Grounds for Appeals after Title IX Proceedings at Widener University

| Appeals | Description |
| Procedural Errors | Technical or administrative irregularities |
| New Evidence | Relevant information that came to light post-fact|
| Inappropriate Sanctioning | Unjustifiable punishment given according to rules|

Attorney Support during Sexual Misconduct Allegations

When facing allegations of sexual misconduct, students should use attorney support for each phase of university hearings.

Interviews by Investigtors

Each side interviewed separately; questions may be suggested.

Preponderance of Evidence

A finding comprising a preponderance of evidence is required in all cases.

Grounds for Appeal

Inappropriate sanction or new, supportive evidence can prompt an appeal even after official findings have been issued.

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