William J. Watt Jr.

William J. Watt Jr.

The Future of Law: Bill, Your Next Law Clerk

Bill Watt is a future law star who is set to graduate from the Rutgers School of Law in May 2023. His achievements and valuable experiences make him an excellent candidate for your next law clerk.

Experience in Legal Organizations

In his tenure at the prestigious Rutgers School of Law, Bill has taken several leadership roles that have honed his legal skills. He is currently serving as the Managing Development Editor of the Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal, where he oversees other editors’ work while developing his communication and organizational skills.

Moreover, Bill serves as the Vice-Chair of the Rutgers Moot Court Board, where he leads teams in arguing appellate cases. In Fall 2021, he was a semi-finalist in the Cohn Appellate Advocacy Competition where he argued convincingly before judges from New Jersey appellate court.

Passionate about Sports Law

Whether on campus or outside, Bill has been heavily involved with sports law issues. As a member of Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Society (EASLS), he worked closely with sports attorneys to organize educational events for Rutgers’ law students.

Bills desire to help athletes goes beyond EASLS; he plans to become an expert in sports law once he gets into private practice.

Focusing on Education and Health Laws

Starting Fall 2022, Bill will be working at Education and Health Law Clinic as an intern, where he will help represent parents whose children have disabilities. Working for this organization provides Bill with opportunities to improve his advocacy skills by fighting injustice through different policy forums.

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Legal Practice Experience

Mr. Watt has already gained experience by interning at several legal firms such as a family law firm and The Rutgers Legal Associates – which trains emerging legal professionals.. In addition, his extensive background in government relations and public policy allows him to provide alternative perspectives when analyzing case law.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bills leadership roles, passion, and immense work experience make him a valuable asset to any legal team. His dedication in several areas of law including appellate litigation and entertainment law demonstrate his wide-reaching interests in the field. He is your best bet for your future projects that may range broad from corporate to individual cases.

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