Wisconsin Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Wisconsin Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Title IX: Protecting LGBTQ+ Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Title IX is a federal law that safeguards students from gender discrimination in colleges and universities funded by the government. Its provisions are far-reaching, covering a broad range of issues related to gender-based matters such as unequal access to athletic opportunities, biased admission policies, sexual assault, harassment, and other hostile situations present in educational settings.

Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ students still experience more forms of gender discrimination compared to their heterosexual peers. This is why Title IX has expanded its coverage to offer increased protection for these students.

LGBTQ+ Students as Respondents

The issue of experiencing victimization among LGBTQ+ students in incidents where they face charges of sexual misconduct is well-documented. However, an aspect that’s rarely discussed is how being part of a marginalized group coupled with false accusations can be devastating for queer respondents.

Its common knowledge that institutions like colleges and universities should promote inclusivity and diversity by accepting all students regardless of their background. False accusations against LGBTQ+ individuals disrupt this balance since those who once found solace within a small community suddenly lose it as the institution labels them perpetrators without sufficient proof.

Society perpetuates stereotypes and false characterizations about sexuality, making it harder for people who do not identify as straight to garner any form of sympathy when falsely accused. It leads to bullying towards them instead of offering support since they’re perceived by some with stereotypes portraying them as over-sexualized or impulsive people with no control over their sexual behaviors.

Active Protection Through Title IX

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LGBTQ+ students who are accused have specific rights within the Title IX process:

The right to receive notice: The institution must inform you after receiving reports from accusers
The right to hear evidence: You should receive information about all evidence provided against you
The right to present your side: Proceedings must include an impartial panel
The right to legal counsel: You can hire a lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected and to send the message to schools that they are being watched for possible misconduct.
The right to access counseling services: You should not be denied any student services offered by the school.
A fair process: Your case must follow standard procedures used in all similar cases.

Retaining an attorney is the only way you can ensure that these rights are protected during investigations, hearings, and appeals. You can get help from advocates like Todd Spodek if you’re an LGBTQ+ student in Wisconsin who has been wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.

Protecting Students in Wisconsin

When accused of sexual misconduct, it may feel like you’re going through the Title IX process alone as an LGBTQ+ individual. Still, assistance is available when falsely accused at Wisconsin colleges or universities. For instance, Todd Spodek has dedicated his entire career to helping students put up a winning fight when falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

As an attorney who works with college and university students across the nation regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, he can help gather evidence, provide testimony during proceedings or hearings and gain an understanding of policies affecting your case so that you have a fair chance.

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You can reach out to him today at 212-300-5196 for help representing colleges or universities in Wisconsin on behalf of their LGBTQ+ students facing charges involving:

Alverno College The Art Institute of Wisconsin Bellin College Beloit College Blackhawk Technical College Bryant & Stratton College Glendale Bryant & Stratton College Milwaukee Bryant & Stratton College Wauwatosa Cardinal Stritch University Carroll University Carthage College Chippewa Valley Technical College

With approximately 10% of college students identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or questioning according to several studies outlined here earlier—LGBTQ+ students facing Title IX allegations and charges should seek an experienced advocate as soon as possible during the disciplinary process to ensure a fair verdict.

When it comes to Title IX allegations involving LGBTQ+ college and university students, Todd Spodek is a recognized expert in offering them legal representation. He has over ten years of experience fighting for their rights across universities and colleges throughout the nation. His priority lies with prioritizing the well-being of his clients, never settling for anything less than fair outcomes.

To learn more about protecting your interests or those of someone you know who is an LGBTQ+ student facing wrongful accusations, contact National Title IX attorney Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196.

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